Thursday, June 3, 2010

Silverlight PathListBox, Path Layout and animation

In Silverlight 4 a new control has been introduced which is the PathListBox which makes things like radial panel easy to do.

Good Starting point will be this nice video by Adam Kinney, posted by John Papa.

Silverlight TV 25: No More Boxes! Exploring the PathListBox 

Christian Shormann has a 4 part series in his ElectricBeach blog. In these blogs he gives a step by step instructions to build interesting visual effects using the PathListBox. All his examples use the Expression Blend 4 and not much code. Everything is done visually and in XAML!

  1. Blend 4: About Path Layout, Part I
  2. Blend 4: About Path Layout, Part II
  3. Blend 4: About Path Layout, Part III
  4. Blend 4: About Path Layout, Part IV

Another interesting article in code project by Alan Beasley:

  1. Busy Dizzy Bee-sley Spirographic Animation in Expression Blend & Silverlight
  2. A live example thanks to Defwebserver
  3. A clearer example

Another interesting code project article by Ken Johnson.

Spirograph Shapes: WPF Bezier shapes from math formulae

Another interesting article by Sacha Barber on PathListBox

Messing With The New PathListBox

Another interesting article on Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in Business Intelligence (BI).

Creating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in Expression Blend 4 for Business Intelligence applications

Another interesting animation by New Age Solutions

Silverlight 4 PathListBox

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