Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Android, Phonegap, Jquery Mobile and Eclipse

The following 2 references should get you started with Android, Phonegap, Jquery mobile.

  1.  phonegap-android-eclipse-quickstart gives all the steps needed to run a phonegap application with Android and Eclipse. After building the first sample project follow closely the steps given for new project.
  2. UI Development using jQueryMobile gives steps to integrate Jquery mobile to the mix.

The 2nd example uses Phonegap version 0.9. Updating to the recent version of phonegap is easy. However an extra XML folder in phonegap res (as mentioned in the first reference) should also be copied!

In reference 2 the download code and the listing in the blog are different. The blog source HTML works.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jquery mobile, Xampp, Android and WP7.1

Downloaded Jquery Mobile RC1. Looks great. The demo files are great to look at for examples. Unfortunately it is little bit more complicated to get it working locally so that you can look at the source code.

For this go to the  Github repo download the zip file. It is a daily build. For example the version I downloaded was jquery-jquery-mobile-1.0rc1-33-gda2352a.

I unzipped it and copied all the files  and copied them to

C:\jqm2\docs\docs_rc1 folder.

In XAMPP to avoid conflicts with IIS I did the following changes in the  httpd.conf file in  C:\xampp\apache\conf:

  1. #Listen 80 to
    Listen 8080
  2. #ServerName localhost:80
    ServerName localhost:8080
  3. #DocumentRoot "C:/xampp/htdocs"
    to DocumentRoot "C:\jqm2\docs"

The first 2 changes avoid a conflict with IIS which was in 80 port in my machine.

Then I am able to browse the demo files by staring XAMPP and looking at the following web page


Tested on both Windows Phone 7 with SDK7.1 and Android emulators. Works great.

Remember to press F8 in Android emulator to get web access and instead of localhost you have to use as given in references below.

  1. Ever tried ‘localhost’ with the android emulator ?
  2. Android - Emulator internet access