Saturday, April 17, 2010

Azure Storage

Three documents which are very useful.
  1. Windows Azure Blob - May 2009.docx Windows Azure Blob – Programming Blob Storage
  2. Windows Azure Table - May 2009.docx Windows Azure Table – Programming Table Storage
  3. Windows Azure Queue - Dec 2008.docx Windows Azure Table – Programming Table Storage
However many of the storage features have changed. I am also writing an article on how to use the table storage and will give the links here when it is ready.

You also need to look at the following blog posts to understand how to manipulate the tables and blobs
  1. Jim Nakashima gives a very nice walkthrough   Walkthrough: Windows Azure Blob Storage (Nov 2009 and later).
  2. Dhananjay Kumar gives a good overview also. CRUD Operations on Windows Azure table and Azure Storage
  3. Shivprasad koirala  also covers it to some extent.
Jim Nakashima also covers the new changes done in the November CTP for configuration files Tools to Configure Windows Azure Service Definition and Configuration Files.
If you have an application developed with the March version you definitely want to read this by Harish Ranganathan to prevent lot of breakage in your code due to the upgrade done in November CTP .
 FIX for Unable to find “Microsoft.ServiceHosting.ServiceRuntime” Windows Azure Training Kit Nov 09


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