Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yahoo services, Json, JQuery and Javascript Object browser

Looking at Yahoo web services and working  with Javascript, MVC and JQuery.

Yahoo is making several APIs available

  1. Yahoo Developer Network
  2. Yahoo APIs and Web Services

Yahoo can provide data back as XML or Json. Interesting links for using Yahoo services.

  1. Interesting Link by Matt Holthe on a Javascript Object Browser. Helped me to debug the Yahoo Json data.
    Show Object Properties
  2. How to use  returned XML from Yahoo Services with Silverlight
    Silverlight: Using Returned XML
  3. Interesting article on parsing Json safely
    Safely parsing JSON in JavaScript
  4. Excellent Json validator. Not only validates, nicely formats the stream which comes from Yahoo (Json data) so that you can copy the input to a word document to understand the data structure.
    JSONLint The JSON Validator
  5. Introduction to Json and Javascript JSON in JavaScript
  6. JSON Primer

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