Monday, May 3, 2010

Editing code in Blogger, Blogspot Using Windows Live Writer and Code Snippet Plug in

My blogs refer to code. I found the following post which pointed me to the right direction.
Posting Source Code in Blogger from Please Make A Note
I downloaded
Windows Live Writer which has ways to directly write the for blogger and publish it.
In addition, I downloaded the code snippet plug in
Code Snippet plugin for Windows Live Writer by Leo
It works like a charm. Only problem is it produces extra spaces between lines! XAML code requires that you select the HTML option in Code Snippet plug in. This produces good colored source code output. Please make sure to disable line numbering which will make it easy for someone to cut and paste your code!
You also also add labels which is called as categories in Windows Live Writer.
I wanted to add an image. The Live Writer asked me to go to Picasa. I added the image in the Blogger editor!

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