Monday, May 10, 2010

Silverlight Animation, Zoom,Perspective Transform, 3D effects

Very interesting effects with Sivlerlight.
Silverlight Sample Browser has excellent examples. Many of them also have source code. I like the following samples from there. Some of the samples require Silverlight 4:

Nikolay Raychev has an excellent demo Perspective 3D in Silverlight 3. The picture of Acanthoscurria_geniculata is awesome!

Silverlight 3's New Perspective Transform by Jeff Prosise is a good introduction to the Perspective Transform.

Mousewheel Zooms in Silverlight 2.0 by Jeff Prosise gives a very good mouse zooming effect animation. This explains the HtmlWindow class! Mouse wheel working with Deep Zoom  is allso a good introduction to HtmlWindow class! Image Effects with Silverlight: Creating the Saturation Light Sample is dramatic!

 Coordinate Systems, Transformations and Units is an excellent reference.

Hardrock Memorabilia is a very good example of Deep Zoom.

Jeff Prosise has an excellent article A Touch of Silverlight which refers to Mycomix which is a very good demo. Click on Thumbnails to see the fun page and then click on any of the Comix icons to get  a new window. Use the mouse to rotate the image and enjoy!

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