Saturday, November 20, 2010

JQuery Mobile, JQTouch and CSS: This is not your father’s HTML or CSS!

Like what they would say, this is not your father’s HTML. Things have advanced a lot in HTML and CSS. I am now designing for the mobile phones, concentrating on Windows Phone 7. At the same time I am fascinated with HTML 5 which is available in both Android and Iphone. I am not happy that Microsoft has not provided HTML 5 in Windows Phone 7. I like Silverlight, but you can also do cool things with HTML 5 and CSS.
Button design is also lot of fun with CSS, Icons and HTML! If you want to design seriously for mobile phones you should definitely  look at these sites.

  1. iPhone Book Excellent book by Jonathan Stark on mobile telephone design and development.
  2. JQTouch A plug in for JQuery which works fine for Iphone. Unfortunately Windows Phone 7 ignores most of it because it is still based on IE 7.
  3. JQueryMobile Excellent work, very good again for Iphone and Android but does not render in Windows Phone 7.
  4. Rediscovering the button element Excellent Article by Kevin Hale which is a very good introduction to merging icons with text on buttons.
  5. jQuery Image Strip Very good article about simple tricks in Javascript to create nice results
  6. CSS Image Techniques: Part 1 Excellent series of articles by GuiStuff
  7. Scalable CSS buttons using PNG and background colors
  8. 3d css buttons
  9. 30 Excellent CSS Based Navigation and Buttons Tutorial
  10. Button Collection
  11. icons for mobile apps
  12. Display icons using a single image and CSS “Sprites”
  13. Create superior web buttons and menus in a few clicks! very good software mainly to create prototypes quickly.
  14. Glueit Excellent software to create icon strips
  15. What Are CSS Sprites?
  16. Playing with CSS3 gradients
  17. Playing with CSS3 gradients
  18. Updated: Windows Phone 7 IE Mobile gets webkit-compatible update

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