Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sivlerlight Animation

I am looking at Silverlight animation to make interesting user interface designs. Came across a few interesting applications which might be of use to you to.

  1. Fluid Dynamics in Silverlight Excellent animation by Rick Barrazza. You can play with the animation in the article itself.
  2. Silverlight Controls with Effects and Transitions by Nikhile
  3. Effects and Transitions for Silverlight is an excellent article by Nikhil.    samples are in this page
  4. Excellent flipping tiles animation by Joel
  5. photogallerywall
  6. How to dispaly HTML/rich text in Silverlight
  7. Silverlight Panorama Viewer but no source code!
  8. Polyhedra Excellent mathematical/ geometry animation by Declan.
  9.  Album Nice album, but in French and the site is slow!
  10. Scroll Viewer List box
  11. Adorners good animation
  12.  Image space 3d Images are organized in a 3D space. Not 3d library is used. It doesn't use Perspective 3D which means it can perform very well.
  13. Image slider control in Silverlight 2 good explanation of the animation.
  14. Silverlight 2 Rolemenu inspired by Microsoft Italy

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