Friday, June 17, 2011

Windows phone 7 data visualization chart

I have made interesting charts on Windows Phone 7 based on various blog posts on this topic.

David Anson has a series of posts in his blogs

Delay's Blog

For basic charts use this:

Phone-y charts [Silverlight/WPF Data Visualization Development Release 4 and Windows Phone 7 Charting sample!]

The interesting portion in Windows Phone 7 is to load the exact assemblies from this code.

To modify colors  I used the following post

Chart tweaking made easy [How to: Make four simple color/ToolTip changes with Silverlight/WPF Charting]

Also I have been able to rotate the labels on column chart X axis by using this post

Turn your head and check out this post [How to: Easily rotate the axis labels of a Silverlight/WPF Toolkit chart]

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