Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Silverlight Interesting Links for PathListBox

I am in the process of preparing an article for Codeproject. I have used the following links to work with PathListBox, geometry etc. I thought I will share these links with others.

  1. Spirograph Shapes: WPF Bezier Shapes from Math Formulae
  2. Busy Dizzy Bee-sley Spirographic Animation in Expression Blend & Silverlight
  3. WPF: Carousel Control
  4. Geometries
  5. Silverlight PathListBox – Fading Unselected Items
  6. PathListBox – Scrolling to Selected Item
  7. cloning path geometry in silverlight
  8. Silverlight String-To-PathGeometry Converter
  9. Alex Golesh's Blog About Silverlight Development
  10. A Glass Orb Button in Silverlight
  11. Creating a carousel with the PathListBox
  12. An introduction to the PathListBox
  13. NET.2971 - XAML Path mini-language (Silverlight)
  14. 3D Spiral Image Rotation for MIX 09 Challenge
  15. Render Transform versus Layout TransformNamed Colors Viewer
  16. Popular Baby Names
  17. Creating a motion path with the PathListBox

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