Tuesday, August 21, 2012

HTML Javascript IDE for development and Tips for Developing with Visual Studio Express

When I have a web page development project or issue, I try to divide the project into smaller tasks and do experimental web pages to try out new ideas or resolve bugs.

So I needed a development IDE for HTML, Javascript and CSS. Tried Aptana Studio, Microsoft Expression Web 4 and Visual Studio Express, netbeans.

Found Visual Studio 2010 Express Products to be  the best. I have to warn you that I am little bit prejudiced because I am very familiar with Visual Studio because of my C#, .net, Silverlight development experience.

What I like about the IDE is it has some Intellisense, you can collapse divs in HTML . For example if you want to add a reference like the following

<script src="js/triangle_1.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

you can just drag the file from the folder view and drop it in your html file.

I did not want to create a web site for the small files I work with. I already had a few HTML files and associated folders with Javascript and CSS files in a folder with name JQM1. I asked the Visual Studio Express to start a new empty C# web solution and pointed to the JQM1 folder. It said you already have a project, I said yes and the folders showed up.

You can also look at the html pages using the File Web browser option. Since I work a lot with CSS3, I have designated Safari as my default browser and it works fine!

Try it , you may like it. One warning though the installation process took more than an hour and there is a registration process for Visual Studio Express using windows live id, but it is free!

Excellent reference Visual Studio shortcut keys


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