Tuesday, August 28, 2012

visual studio express 2012 for web installation experience or frustration !

I thought I would share my experience in installing visual studio express for web installation. The indication regarding installation was not very good in the beginning of the installation. So I thought I will outline my experience which might be useful for some one!

  1. Downloaded the ISO file from Visual Studio 2012 downloads
  2. Double clicked on the file in Explorer. It prompted me to  burn   a disk which I did.
  3. 9:40 Am: Started installation from disk.
  4. Progress bar was stuck-up in installing .net 4.5
  5. Thought of canceling, but went and had a coffee
  6. 10:17 Am: Progress bar was still stuck, no indication and suddenly finished and prompted for  restart
  7. After restart, seemed to be showing progress bar with meaningful indication
  8. 10:35 Am Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 for web-ENU takes a long time: progress bar struck about 1/3rd
  9. 10:40 AM: progress bar moved to 1/2!
    the bottom assembly installation names started changing faster!
  10. 10:45AM: Setup Successful !
  11. When you open the Visual Studio Express it prompts you to get a key which I did.

My system
gateway NE56R13u
Celeron 1.7 GHz, 64 bit, 4 GB RAM,
Windows 7 ultimate service pack 1

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